Camp Verde Concrete Tank-Structural Upgrade


Truesdell was selected as the Design Build Contractor for the Camp Verde water treatment plant. The goal of the project was to optimize a strengthening solution that considered the strength requirements associated with various load conditions, while minimizing the impact to operations and maintaining the usability of the tank.

The water treatment tank is a reinforced concrete wall and slab system. The concrete is reinforced in both directions with steel reinforcement. Previously conducted evaluations of the structure determined that the filling of the tank would overload the structural walls. The proposed remediation and strengthening solutions were intrusive and costly and led to the pursuit of a preferred solution.

Structural analysis of the tank’s existing capacity determined that the walls were not sufficient in negative moment capacity to resist lateral loads. The results of the RISA analysis and calculations were consistent with damage noted at the site.

A carbon fiber reinforced polymer system was selected as a strengthening solution. The product specified, as supplied by SIKA Corporation, has been used successfully for over twenty years and is covered by an ICC Evaluation Report for use as structural strengthening material system. The installation of CFRP strips to the tension zones of the concrete walls allowed the strips to perform in a similar manner as internal steel reinforcing. The carbon fiber carried tensile forces at the surfaces of the wall to resist bending stresses and the formation of cracks. Traditional steel angles and through bolts were used to carry the tensile forces through the intersection walls.

This project earned Truesdell Corporation the Award of Excellence from the International Concrete Repair Institute for the Excellence in Strengthening
Structures Oct 21st 2010.



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