The Truesdell Corporation has built a solid reputation nationwide by providing quality repair, restoration, strengthening, protection, and maintenance of concrete structures. Services range from initial diagnosis to final completion. Headquartered in Phoenix, AZ, Truesdell has successfully completed a wide variety of national and international repair projects ranging from high-rise buildings, nuclear power generating plants, airports, residential projects, water treatment facilities, and a sizeable amount of public agency and DOT work.

Since 1975, Truesdell Corporation has consistently provided high-quality, accurate, concrete solutions on more than 7000 projects. Their valued relationships with suppliers, engineers, and contractors allow them to deliver the best quality craftsmanship and materials, within budget and on time.

Featured in Terry Bradshaw’s Pick-of-The-Week, a national television segment honoring successful, mid-size, American firms, Truesdell was described as an innovative and growing firm where tackling the "tough jobs" is commonplace.

Among its more notable projects, Truesdell has completed the Arizona Dam Spillway Rehabilitation project—recipient of the prestigious Award of Excellence presented by the International Concrete Repair Institute (ICRI). This $2.5 million project consisted of repair and restoration of two spillway structures situated near the top of a damthat houses a hydroelectric power generating station. It was a significant project due to the remote location, difficult access, and the multitude of methods and materials specified and used. Products included lithium nitrate to treat alkali-silica reaction (ASR), super-low-viscosity (SLV) epoxy for micro crack healer-sealer, expandable chemical urethane to stop multiple leaks, and a variety of conventional products including bagged dry-mix shotcrete with added fibers. The spillways were situated on a shear 300-ft-tall cliff, where the only access available was from the top of the dam. Construction began in the summer with temperatures on the spillway slab reaching 130 °F and continuing into the winter where mild freezing conditions were encountered. Dry process shotcrete was determined to be the most efficient and cost-effective method to perform the repairs for logistical and quality reasons. Ultimately 11,000 bags of material were placed successfully without a single loss-time injury or accident, even though much of the work was performed from ropes, swing stages, and custom system scaffolding.


One of Truesdell Corporation’s great strengths is its ability to react and respond to emergency repair projects at a moment’s notice. Recently, the City of Flagstaff, AZ, called late on a Friday after-noon with an emergency repair requirement. A railroad structure had been dangerously comprised and trains were being held up. By early the next morning, a fully equipped crew had been mobilized the 125 miles to the job site and the repair was completed on time.

Another major project involved the repair of the West Mission Bay Drive Bridge, a primary arterial link between the communities of Point Loma, Ocean Beach, and Pacific Beach in the city of San Diego, CA. Truesdell Corporation was awarded a contract to perform a seismic upgrade to the existing concrete support columns under the bridge structure. The scope of work involved placing 8 in. of shotcrete over 16 elliptical (vertical and horizontal ellipses) columns that range in height from 15 to 30 ft tall. The site presented several challenges that entailed the use of work barges and creative pumping solutions, as the bridge spanned a major navigable waterway that had to remain open at all times. The project was completed ahead of schedule and under the owner’s budget. Truesdell earned the contract after thoroughly demonstrating to the owner that shotcrete was a more cost-effective and higher quality method than conventional form and pour.

They also provide a wide range of consulting services using innovative technologies and proven methods. They can help with diagnosis, repair, prevention, and maintenance requirements, from initial design through on-time and on-budget completion. Truesdell’s ability to provide accurate condition analysis, cost-effective repair methods, world-class products from a variety of manufacturers, and quality craftsmanship will guarantee that project needs are completely satisfied.

Truesdell Corporation’s services include structural concrete bonding, structural and cosmetic patching, external reinforcement with steel and FRPs, wet and dry shotcrete repairs, chemical foam grouting, soil stabilization, compaction and void grouting, pre-cast repairs, post-tension repairs, waterproofing, and chemical foam injection.


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