United States Navy Graving Dock Basin Repairs


Concrete is one of the best wear surfaces used in construction. It is not however impervious to long term wear, chemical attack, erosion, freeze-thaw cycles, or abuse. Truesdell Corporation worked closely with the United States Navy to design repairs that will last longer than the original concrete slab.


As shown in this project, most rehabilitation projects require that the repair methods and products result in a structural repair. Concrete moves, expands, contracts and cracks. It must therefore have joints. A thorough understanding of proper joint spacing is critical to proper design or repair. This giant water basin has typical joint spacing and required an elastomeric joint sealant be placed in each of the joints. The process, although simple, has a costly affect if done improperly. Many of our clients do not tolerate anything less than perfection, the first time. In-joint treatments, such as reservoir grade urethane sealants, are common.


Toppings can be installed as thin as 20 mils and as thick as six inches or more. We address the issues of drainage, slope, skid-resistance, water intrusion, abrasion, impact resistance, chemical attack, environment, speed of cure and future intentions to ensure a long-term, cost effective repair. Toppings are generally either made of cement-based or resin-based materials and can include additives and/or aggregates, including iron, to improve cure, color, strength and wear resistance.

Proper diagnosis, analysis, repair design, material selection, application method, equipment and skilled technicians are all part of the basics for successfully completing a structural repair project.


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