Wilmont Reservoir Rehabilitation

This complex water structure rehabilitation project speaks volumes to Truesdell’s qualifications. The Wilmot Reservoir was found to have deficiencies on the reservoir’s roof, structural supports and retention walls. This large reservoir not only demanded the best of technology for strengthening but also a team of qualified professionals with the technical expertise and a collaborative culture. Issues contributing to the challenges included: confined space, potable water environment, and critical time constraints having the potential to hinder the supply of water to the City of Tucson. The absolute necessity for success, leaving no room for failure made this project perfect for the team at Truesdell Corporation.

The reservoir had to be drained plugged and cleaned, and disinfected. The complete exterior structure was sand blasted to provide a CSP #3 profile. All cracks on the roof structure were injected and gravity fed. The complete exterior roof surface was treated with Sika 55SLV. Four layers of CRFP were installed on the roof deck over every support column of the structure. The interior received four levels of scaffold with proper light and ventilation to maximize the safety of all workers. The complete interior was sandblasted to a CSP #3 and all bug holes were hand patched for quality preparation of CRFP wrap. All support columns and walls received CRFP wrap and the bottom of the roof structure receive 710 Carbon Fiber Sikadur strips. Truesdell’s installation process kept the project safe and on schedule never sacrificing quality. Tom Johanson the supervisor for the project was always paying attention to the detail. Insuring the next step had supplies and tools to keep production and quality at its best.

Dorothy Dolan the Project Manager for Tucson Water Works was witness to Truesdell’s attention to detail and volunteered the following commendation referring to the cleanliness of the entire interior of the reservoir: “Tom finding my lost pearl earring (my last trip in) right away was quite impressive and true testament to Truesdell's attention to detail.”

After the installation of all Carbon Fiber reinforcement, Sika 62, the potable water approved coating presented a finished product that the City of Tucson, HDR Engineering, and Truesdell Corporation can all be proud to have successfully completed.

Choosing to take a collaborative approach with the designer and the owner, made it possible for Truesdell to successfully complete this project 6 days early.





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